Tuesday, May 23, 2017

fourth-quarter stand

You bang on about Bannockburn and the fields of Flodden
I keep pissing in the ocean and my feet are sodden
Our mother can't stop greeting, Dad's too thick to understand
And Grandad's still in Ypres – can you tell it to Nan?
Ask her if the Bristol slavers ever docked at Leith
And when we scuttle Trident, if we'll still need teeth?
You've always been the clever one, I'm just a Tory toff
But we've never had a Queen who cut her own head off
And we're going to have a King, and then another, and they're mean
But their heart is on the left side and their blood's part green
Certain folks can go to Gretna and still keep their name
Will you play it where it lies or take your wee ball hame?
We bridged the Forth together, let's not forget the Fifth
The lion is our savage, the unicorn's our myth

Saturday, May 20, 2017

i swear it's not too late

couldn't hold on to money
never flew for free
stuck in my own honey
overgrown bumblebee
playing chicken with the ocean
tinging blue with black
hid the yellow of caution:
might fly off, might buzz back
then i saw a white petal
growing out of green
my stinger hit metal
now i'm safe to be seen
to make a hard right
i'll wait on a red light

Friday, May 12, 2017

you only named the animals

I've been there when the walls fell
and I was there for the towers
I can't be there above hell
but I am below the flowers
I may see you tomorrow
but I won't when you are gone
I feel your joy and sorrow
and whatever else you're on
I was there at creation
but I don't even know why
I look at every nation
and I shake my head and cry
I hear you too, all Israel
but you're not my chosen flock
I might prefer these cattle
but my hand is just this rock

Thursday, May 11, 2017

are we the world?

My friend says I'm too old for you; it's not a crime
To misconstrue the concept of apparent time
I haven't reached my peak with just one problem solved
We're just two adolescents, you're just more evolved
And I do idealize you; can you prove me wrong?
Are you really not the girl in every country song?
Are you sure I'm not the boy you never dreamed about?
Can you trust my rush to judgment while the jury's out?
Preserve I know, defend, but not protect
I've given all my love without respect
I have deep roots, rich soil, and I know
My hot springs need your waterfalls to grow
If we ever lived together, would you let me on the lease?
We could be the world: no justice, only peace

Monday, May 8, 2017

mansplaining to a madeleine

je goûtai, tout commença à bouger
le vin que nous buvions devint amer
fille! je ne puis plus collaborer!
ne tente pas d'essuyer ma colère

cousine! tu n'as point du tout péché!
la faute est plutôt celle des grand-pères
il faut monter du sous-sol, du fossé
des noces qui feront ouvrir notre ère

Saturday, May 6, 2017

release the hounds

you don't know why i would
you just see that i do
i don't know if i could
do anything for you
you didn't even ask
i hope you're doing fine
i can't see any mask
you even took off mine
this is already bliss
and you are everything
i can't wait for a kiss
i could wait for a ring
and if you love me back
i'll have my heart attack


my love is like a red red rose
no white rose can compare
and since our fingers touched my toes
have only touched the air